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 A wonderful sense of freedom surrounded me after creating the small book for our mother’s ninetieth birthday. However, strong sensations of regret were emerging for not having done the same for our father.

After our mum’s passing my brother and I spent some time together in the sleepy fishing village where our family holidayed for many years. A place where our dad was at ease, surrounded by water and his escape in solitude.

We walked along the sea break walls where dad taught us how to fish. As we wandered the secluded beach collecting sea shells, we began reminiscing our childhood memories and how our dad showed us how to build sand castles.

Months later. I thought well, it is never too late to let dad know how much I loved him, even though he passed away several years previously. It was also time to free myself as I had experience with my mum in creating her book………..

to be continued…….


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